lijevo desno
  • Sintesys

    Specialized software for DMCs and tour operators

    1. Supported all segments of business travel agencies
    2. Each segment of the system is independent ensembles and as such can function
    3. The unique synergy base of knowledge, experience and practice by experts in tourism and IT industries
  • New from ABC

    1. particular SINTESYS IBE (Internet Booking Engine) module, created for tourist products and services web presentations, defined in other tourist segments
    2. real time sales
    3. B2C and B2B sales chains supported
  • Mobile excursion sales

    1. Real time interaction with central data base
    2. Actual capacity availability review from mobile device
    3. Automated reservation entry and capacity updating in central data base
    4. Invoice taxation
    5. Invoice and travel documents print out on mobile printer or POS device
    6. Sales report and balance of account

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